You know who you want to be.

And we’ll help you get there.

We want to give you your voice.

The Sophire Umbrella consists of the following products.

If you don’t see what you want below, we challenge you to challenge us with something crazier than what we have for you!


Digital design studio dedicated to delivering.


Good design for good people – enjoy the benefits of Studio at lower rates as a non-profit.


Smart Real Estate transaction management secured by blockchain.


Brooklyn based music collective.


In our own journey, there have been some really cool people that we fawn over all the time. They don’t know about it yet, but we are their biggest fans!

We believe you should give them some love too!

(And maybe they’ll finally notice us #fingerscrossed *heart-eye emoji*)


Hair on fire, buried under email, stuff everywhere.

The good news? Basecamp solves them.


Ueno, you know

Much digital, very agency.

#wetry to cater to every need

We are super excited about any collaborations or projects you have for us. Looking forward to hearing from you!

The Sophire Team